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To excite and wow art enthusiasts throughout the world with breathtaking and satisfying art experiences while pursuing sustainable green initiatives.


Mission: We excite our customers

  •  by producing innovative 2D, 3D, utility and contemporary artworks.
  • by being exceedingly flexible to accommodate our customers special requirements.
  • by being a true advocate for green initiatives.


Our Company Values:

  • Superior Customer Service – Our global customers are the reason we exist; without them we have no business. Therefore, our only choice is to offer the best customer experience in the art industry.
  • Flexibility – We pride ourselves on how fully flexible our operations are. Due to this value, we constantly adapt to the changes in global scene – be it economic or cultural. Therefore, we confidently provide our customers with their specific, cultural or regional tastes and preferences.
  • International – Currently, we have footprints in Africa and we are represented on the east coast of the United States. Our aim within the next couple of years is to be all over North America and to knock on the doors of Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America.
  • Respect for all Persons – We believe that respect is a 2-way street and therefore mutual. As a company, we do not tolerate any disrespect or discrimination (race, sexual orientation, gender) of any kind towards our customers and/or our team members.
  • Respect for Mother Earth – We believe in leaving the earth as a much better place than we inherited it for the next generation and beyond. Due to this value proposition, we continue to find better ways of positively affecting our bottom lines whiles advocating for green initiatives and sustainability.
  • Honesty – Regardless of whom we deal with in our business, we will stay true to our words on service delivery, sustainability and we will do the right things.