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I am a Mixed Media Artist focusing on the "THE ART OF RECYCLING".
I create mixed media pieces from sawdust and waste plastics.


It all begins with a vision. Allow me to bring it to life.


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My Story

I am a highly driven and passionate self-taught Artist for over 24 years, known for my unique Afrocentric sculpture artworks made out of Recycled Sawdust and my bold colorful mixed media paintings. I would say my introduction to art came quite early in my toddler years; watching my artist father, also create beautiful works in his studio at the back of our house in Accra, Ghana, on the western coast of the African continent. This early exposure not only created a strong sense in me to also create my own beautiful art but also increased my drive to pursue the entrepreneurship part of it, which is consistently displayed across all my artworks.

Born in the West African country of Ghana in 1975 into a family of artists, my primary inspiration came from my father, a self-taught artist himself, challenged me to be different and create my own unique pieces. And though I was passionate about art, I also possessed a keen interest in the physical sciences, a field I found satisfyingly challenging. After my secondary education, I was torn between going to college to study Medicine and pursuing my passion to be a professional Artist. In the end, I chose to follow my passion and pursue art full-time.

Since then, I have specialized in mixed media and relief sculpture as the core of my art profession. Interestingly, my physical science background led me to experiment with different materials, including sawdust, which I played with throughout my childhood at the sawmill where my father bought and cut wood for his sculpture pieces. Naturally, I grew up loving this medium (sawdust) and decided to make it the main medium for all my artworks. Passionate about the sustainability of the environment and the earth we live in now, I perfected this method of recycling sawdust and waste packaging materials to create various types of sculpture and relief works. 95% of my artworks are created using environmentally preferred materials as my contribution to the global efforts to help sustain the environment for the next generations to come.

I have participated in many art exhibitions and fairs in the US internationally, received international recognition and juried art competitions. My work portfolio includes works in the permanent collection at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.